June 8th, 2010

hand in unlovable hand

You're my lord, you're my shepherd / Careful kid, no one gets hurt

Just got back from the Mountain Goats / New Pornographers show, and ohemgee was it ever hipster central!!

Not that that's an entirely bad thing – hipster chicks totally rock teh cute. Well, the ones that aren't, like, 15 years younger than me, anyway. I was expecting a slightly... older crowd. *Grumble* @ all-ages shows.

I'm often fascinated by how songs can take on a totally different character from their album renderings when performed live. Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk off the Pornographers' latest album is a perfectly serviceable song, but until tonight, I would have been hard-pressed to describe it any more glowingly than that. However tonight's performance was completely brilliant; on the strength thereof, I wonder if it might perhaps be my favourite from the album. In a similar vein, John Darnielle was able to infuse Matthew 25:21 with the topsy-turvy feeling of "an airplane tumbling wing over wing" that the album version was never quite able to communicate the same way.

I find this happening all the time when I go out to shows; for some reason it still surprises me when it does so.

And finally, Neko Case: hot milf, or hottest milf?
(Note to pedants I know to be in the peanut gallery: no she doesn't have kids. Beside the point. No other adjective quite suffices.)