June 17th, 2010


We saw the Northern Lights make the sky explode / It was then I realized we had another day to drive

On Thursday, June 3rd, the Alberta provincial government, after eight years of lobbying by AWA and other environmental groups, finally declared grizzly bears to be a threatened species. Champagne!

It's a bittersweet kind of victory, to be sure. Unfortunate that this was necessary; that there are so few grizzlies left that they need to be declared a threatened species. But be that as it may, it is the situation. And that being the case, it has at least, and at long last, been officially recognized as such.

Concurrent with Thursday's announcement, I was up in Edmonton (that being the provincial capital) with others from AWA. There was Stuff To DoTM on Thursday, and then since we were already up there, on Friday morning as well.

We drove up on Thursday. I packed a mess of stuff into a backpack, left the cats with several days' worth of food and water, and strapped my bike onto the back of the car. Once free on Friday, I spent a leisurely weekend riding back down to Calgary.

I spent most of Friday bumming around Edmonton, finally leaving that evening. Saturday and Sunday I was fighting a headwind all the way south, and 50 lbs on my back made a pretty good sail, so progress was slow, and I didn't make it back home until almost midnight on Sunday night. But still, a fun three days.

As with a couple of weekends earlier, I took my camera with me. On my return, I discovered that I had taken almost 2200 photos. Eep. Needless to say, I've whittled that down a bit. But still: I don't make it to Edmonton often, and it's fun to photograph.

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