December 12th, 2010

what geeks can do

I'm gonna take a trip around the world / I'm gonna kiss all the pretty girls

So wayyyy back at the end of June, I went to San Francisco. Why? Because there was an XKCD gathering in Golden Gate Park, and where Randall beckons, I will follow! But seriously, I had such a fantastic time at the previous meetup in Boston that my attendance was pretty much a no-brainer. So as soon as I heard about this one, I was off to the travel agent to pick up tickets.

As to be expected, I had a blast. It is my contention that when the Great Reckoning comes, San Francisco ought to be spared. (Among other things, it lives at an intersection of Mexican and Japanese cultures that I find particularly intriguing. That a restaurant selling both tacos and sushi would be considered neither unusual nor sketchy, appeals to me more than I can adequately describe.)

Now, I had meant to post something on LJ shortly after my return, but laziness and other things hit (I totally have an APB out for all the spare time I was supposed to have now that I'm no longer in school; have you seen it?) and, well... never got around to it.

Indeed, I haven't been posting much of anything to LJ recently.

However, I will in the near future want to start using this blog again (more on this shortly — hopefully tomorrow?), and want to fill in some missing content in the meantime. This is as good a place to start as any? So yeah. I'm a few months late, meaning that this will be abbreviated from my original intent (I was there for three days, and had intended to make one post for each day; I've since decided to combine && compress). But at any rate:

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The kittens were a little suspicious of the new addition to the family.