March 24th, 2013

qwop into mordor

Aly, walk with me in my dreams / All through the night

Happy March! (And, uh, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb, while I'm at it...)

I've been a lot more active on Twitter recently than LJ. Oops.

At least this way I've spared LJ of several months' worth of OMG Teh Dramaz, that I just can't seem to not talk about. Sigh.

One of the side effects of waiting so long to write is that there is a lot one could include — whether one should is of course a different story.

We've gone through a few staff members at work recently. When I first started composing this post, the next sentence read: “Hopefully we've settled on one now?” Sadly, I have in the meantime received a rejoinder to that question mark. I just learned this afternoon that I've lost the third co-worker in the last 6 months. I could cry. Tempted to go out and get hammered, except: too many calories. Blargh.

Not that I can particularly blame them. A couple weeks back, I had one of those same kinds of chats with my boss. I was apparently not as determined as the aforementioned coworkers: Turns out she's a lot better than Dr. Incomprehensible was at convincing me not to quit.

But I am close to the end of my rope. Am regularly trying to convince myself I can tough it out until my 2016 departure for Russia.

ANYway. Where did we last leave off?
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Russia fund? Currently at $19,000. Ahead of the game by about $2,000. (But as we shall see in upcoming posts, this coming year may be an expensive one. So: hmm.)

3 years and 1 month to go!

(So. Lots more upcoming stuff to talk about; insha'Allah you can expect a couple more posts in the next few days, assuming I can stay off my duff.)