May 25th, 2013

cat crossing

Idiot love will spark the fusion / Inspirations have I none just to touch the flaming dove

Went to Vancouver, umm... 3 weeks ago. I've mentioned this already.

I've also mentioned that I was kind-of sick, thinking of calling it off, then recovered in the last couple of days and decided to go anyway.

So yeah. I finished in 4:02:02 — which is to say, beating my previous record by almost 8½ minutes. I... can live with that.

(Ok, so I still haven't quite managed to break the ever-elusive 4 hour barrier, but there will be more opportunities. In fact...)

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Now, in a little over 12 hours, I'ma get up and do it all over again! (At the Calgary Marathon)

Not feeling 100% certain about this one. I'm sure it'll go fine, but something down inside is telling me not to set my heart on breaking that 4 hours tomorrow. I'll try my best; we'll see.

Last week, I went up into the mountains for some research / data collection. Lots of animals in the woods. Including some baby bighorn sheep (bighorn lambs?):

They were surprisingly tame - I don't know that they'd ever encountered people before? This little fellow and his two brothers wandered over to investigate the two humans messing around on the trail. But didn't get too close: maybe 20 feet?

A couple hundred metres on, we saw a bunch of fresh grizzly tracks. Watch out, sheeps!