June 13th, 2013

green power

Was it really true there are elephants and lions too / in Piccadilly Circus?

Been kind of waffling about posting this photo, ’cause I’m not terribly thrilled with the job that autostitch did (too much wind, I think, blowing the leaves&grasses around between takes), but eh, what the hey.

Yesterday went to a Prairie Conservation Forum meeting at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. There were some nice views.

Including this one:

Saturday will be heading down, for the second year, to run the Millarville Half Marathon again. I no longer know anyone living in the area, so unlike last year, I won’t be staying overnight the PM before. Instead, am going to get up at 3AM, bike (the 50km) down, run the half marathon, then bike back.

Add a swimming component, and that’s a triathlon?

If the torrential rain we’ve been getting keeps up, that will, as a friend said today, “solve that problem.” Ha.