June 16th, 2013

bat country

And as the decibels of this disenchanting discourse / Continue to dampen the day

Well, 1:52:37 at Millarville. Far from my best time ever, but once you throw the 100km of biking to get there and back, I’m more than happy to take it!

There was also a “congratulations on getting your PhD! / Oh no, you’re leaving...” party for my friend Dave (now “Dr. Dave,” hee) that afternoon — I had to, uh “race” back to town pretty quick to make it in time.

Somewhere along the line, me being me, I’d gotten the dumbass idea into my head that I’d make a cake for the party. Specifically, a cheesecake — of the kind that takes a non-trivial amount of babying. Tried to get started Thursday PM, but that didn’t really happen, and it wasn’t until after work on Friday that I was really able to get properly into it. Meaning I had to sit and tend to this friggin’ cake all evening long, and didn’t get to bed until just shy of midnight.

Needless to say, I wasn’t entirely at my best when I had to be back up and out of the house at 3AM in order to get on the bike and down to Millarville by 6... if I do this race again next year (and I imagine I will; it’s reasonably fun), I will probably stay overnight at a hotel in Black Diamond or something.

Although... the views on the early morning ride down almost make it worth it.

One of my avourite Alberta views: the sight of the dawn’s first sun rays setting fire to the tops of the Rockies:

I was in a car crash or was it the war? / But I've never been quite the same

White Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake

For Dr. Dave, who recently received his PhD.

I was originally going to write “Congrats, Dr. Dave!” across the top... but it turns out that making a homemade cake decorating gel is a LOT harder than I expected it to be. And I was getting late for the party. Apparently there are limits to my perfectionism?
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