July 21st, 2013

cat crossing

Her rabid glow is like braille to the night

Well, I'm excited again.

That can only mean one of a couple of things...

I did write previously that I will be going to the UK in October to run the Chester Marathon.

I'll be there for 12 days, travelling around the country a bit. Hoping to visit, among other people, mcgillianaire and nailbunny2000; they and my other visitees mostly being friends that I haven't seen in a half decade or longer. With the exception of my former co-worker who now lives in the Welsh highlands not far from the aforementioned Chester - I will be staying with him when I run the marathon.

So anyway, I finally got around to buying plane tickets the other day. My followup plan had been to look into getting a BritRail pass to enable said travels around the country.

Until, well, I looked at a map:
(click for full-size)

And clued in that my planned route, spread over nearly 2 weeks, is only 800km long.
Now: I've been to England many times. I know how small England is. But living in a big country like Canada, y'tend to... forget.

The BritRail pass would have run me, like $350. Taking my bike on Air Canada will, as I determined, be closer to $200. So.... yup! Seems like a no-brainer to me! I'll be shlepping my bike over, and: zoom zoom zoom! (Kind-of bouncing off the ceiling a bit.)

Anyway, what else? Fringe Festival in a little under 2 weeks. That's definitely keeping me busy. Maybe more on that later. (Keeping me a bit too busy, if anything. Wondering if this may be the last year that I stick around on the board. Not that I don't love it, but I don't really have the time.)

A couple of weeks ago, I bought this tree for my girls:

They love it. They especially love that little sleeping basket at the top. They love the sleeping basket so much, they keep pushing each other out of it so they can get a turn. (*push* *fall* *thud*)

Went back to the store a few days later to see if I could get another basket, but nope. Not without buying another $350 tree. The cats will just have to come to some sort of time-sharing agreement. (I think they mostly have done so by now, but not without occasional bouts of jealous glaring.)

Then there's this. A few excerpts from the post that I was planning to make back on June 20th. (Has it really been a month already?) Then on June 20th, the waters came, and everything changed.

So, well, we all know how that turned out. Suddenly, the concerns of the post seemed a lot more trivial, and I never got back to it. It was just a bit of mumbling about a hike I had been on, and well... who cares.

I still took some photos, though, so Collapse )

Ok, that's enough for now.

Ramadhan Kareem, everyone.