September 14th, 2013

bike basket

And they'll meet one day far away / And say, "I wish I was something more."

Just under 2 weeks until I leave for the UK!! Very excited.

I think I'm mostly ready. Got my bike all good and overhauled at MEC; worn and torn parts replaced, the works. As usual, they charged me 100 bucks more than we agreed on, but shrug. You get what you pay for: there's no one else I've found that I really trust to do a good job.

The last couple of weeks at work have been very much “head down, tail up” as I've been doing my best to make sure I'm mostly ready on that front, too. Getting ahead of the work? Ha ha, fat chance. But with any luck, I can at least get (approximately) even with things, so I'll only be a couple weeks behind when I return. My usual place, in other words.

Because there is no way in Hell I'm going to be taking any work with me on this holiday. I've done that too many times, and even though it always seems like a good idea, it's rarely a good scene when all is said and done.

Was on a research trip in the mountains a couple weeks back, took a rather unexpected — and wholly unintentional — swim in a river. I'm mostly fine, as is pretty much everything I had on me, except for my poor iPod, which was a lost cause. Managed to score a replacement, about 10 days later, but OMG what a week of panic! In the spirit of not knowing what you've got 'til its gone, I never realized just how dependent I had become on my calendar. Wow. SO distressed to have it gone.

(The one other consequence from my swim was I managed to bang my foot a bit. Not seriously, and it's fine now, but it did mean no practice running for the last several weeks. Should be ok, but I can't help being a little concerned. What with marathon, then ultra marathon in a one-week span.)

The replacement iDevice (scored for the low, low price of one batch of my Chicken Molé, natch) is several generations newer, and includes a camera. So far I still prefer my actual (dedicated) camera, but we'll see. It may be just the ticket for this trip.

As of the time of writing, I have yet to set this up, but the plan is to add a section to my bike journal blog and post updates, photos, etc. there. For those of you who have in the past bugged me about same: yes, I plan to add an RSS feed.

I think that's it for now. Must get back to work; I have an annual report to complete, and if experience is any guide, they do a suboptimal job of writing themselves.

Tomorrow I'm off to hike to the top of Table Mountain with various conservation peoples. We're gonna hold up a big banner at the top, and have an airplane fly by to take photos. Or something. Will be interesting.

But first: Annual Report! (sigh)