June 4th, 2014


At the door a stranger stood / The stranger's voice said nothing good

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Nelson for a 3-day course and conference on reclaiming industry-related sites (e.g.: logging roads, etc.) in wilderness areas after they're no longer in use.

HOLY CRAP is Nelson ever full of hippies!

It was a good conference. There was some really useful relationship-building with some Alberta ESRD folks (the enemy! Shhhhhh!) that I have high hopes will prove productive over the coming months and, uh, years? Never hurts to get on the good side of the civil servants, anyway. Most of the issues we have with that department are with higher-ups.

(Although one of them did figure in a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy FOIP analysis that I performed last year, which involved some heavy criticism. But anyway.)


Nelson is pretty awesome. I’d never been before (other than to pass through on the Greyhound or whatnot) but I liked it a lot. And it has a damn pretty setting.

Nelson is right beside a lake. So was the conference. This was the view where we ate lunch.

Canada, where they interrupt a conference to screen game 7 of the Habs-vs-Boston series.

Hiking in Nelson. (Where by “hiking” we understand: I ran up and down a couple of mountains.)

Very... bohemian. And, uhh, creative.

Spent all my evenings running along the lakeshore and running up and down the mountains.

HOLY CRAP is Nelson ever full of hills!

My legs were burning like crazy on most of my runs. In, y’know, a good way.

Anyway. After that it was the long (Victoria Day) weekend, so since I was already in the area (or nearly so), I went straight to Kelowna and spent the weekend (and my birthday) with my parents.

I... don’t really remember most of what I did. Not much of anything, I guess? Slept a lot. Got some work done. I remember spending a good chunk of my birthday reading trashy fanfics online. Maybe not the most productive use of my time, but a good enough way to unwind.

Then I came home and launched back into life. Bleh.

The talk I was going to give for the GIS conference later in May ended up getting knocked off the schedule for... various reasons. (Partly me being too busy myself, and not having any time to attend, so I had to withdraw. It’s what happens sometimes. There’s another one in Edmonton later in the year; I'm trying to see if I can get it in to that one.)