June 15th, 2014

krazy kat

Flying wings of films that seem / To never see the screen / Couldn't bear to face their dreams

1:47:22 in the Millarville Half Marathon Millarville Half yesterday. I think that’s a new personal best for me in the half-marathon length? Going through all my records I can’t find a faster one, anyway.

(Tho’ I could swear I’ve done faster on (at least one of) my training runs... but maybe not.)

Having said that, this includes my “usual” (for the Millarville race) 100km of biking out and back. Also lack of sleep — AWA’s annual Edmonton members night was Friday evening, so we didn’t leave until fairly late, got back to Calgary at 2AM giving me a whole hour before I had to hop on the bike and head out.

Also on Thursday evening, just for shits ’n giggles, I decided to walk Google Maps 30-ish km back to Edmonton from my meeting in Leduc. With the ensuing lack of sleep, my legs didn’t get as much of a chance to recover as I would’ve liked.

So... all told, I’m actually pretty stoked about that time.

Bodes well for the Livejournal aforementioned Hostelling International K-100 next Saturday, in which I get to run 32km, all uphill! Up to the top of the Wikipedia highest paved road in Canada!


I got this.