August 29th, 2014

trans-canada west

I raise my flask / To the Clearing Skies / To you, sweepers / You carrion spies

Well I did originally have a longer post here, but yet again have totally run out of time and so yet again it will have to wait.

But anyway...

So. Just how far can I bike in 24h without stopping, anyway? It’s something I’ve been wondering Livejournal off-and-on for about 10 years and have kept meaning to try out, but never found the opportunity.

(As a side PSA to my flist: don’t go trawling through your 10-year-old LJ posts. Just don’t. I did (eventually) find the one I was looking for, but I also found a whole lot of embarrassment. Shudder.)

However the stars have finally aligned and I have a long weekend with some free time!

And as it transpires, an old room-mate of mine (Yes, Yep that The “Naked One” room-mate) lives in Consul, Saskatchewan, about Google Map: Okay, 268km. 470km from Calgary. (Why? The short answer is that when you work online, you can live anywhere with a high-speed connection. Since SaskTel is a government corp. they deliver high-speed internet to some very rural places in SK. And houses in Consul are cheap.)

Anyway. This seems not too far off. I’ve done BikeBikeBike 275km in 16 hours before which is my previous best-in-a-single-stretch. (Or my “peanut butter” as Kate likes to call it.) And that was in the mountains, against the wind, on a crappier (i.e.: mountain) bike, with a big backpack, etc. etc. So I figure that 400-425 should be doable, perhaps a bit more.

So indeed! I’m outta here in about 3 hours (17:00), then we’ll see how far I get by 17:00 tomorrow. I will, of course, Twitter live-tweet (or something-close-to-live-tweet). And recap on here at some point. Probably.