September 29th, 2014

bike basket

We should ride toward the sunset / 'Til the road we drive on meets the sky

So there’s Livejournal this unanswered question floating around out there: just how far can I bike in 24 hours anyway?

Well, honestly I still don’t know. Due to a combination of factors I didn’t put on my best show that Labour Day weekend. I think I can do better.


A new lower bound has been established! 403km.

Under the cut is just a recap of my tweets from the journey, so if you were following on Twitter there’s nothing particularly new here.

But if not, Collapse )

And then, two days later, I came back the same way I went. Without the benefit of the flat tyres or the lightheadedness — but with an extra helping of headwind to compensate — the return trip took me a little under 23h.

So yeah. I can do better.

One day! I will try again!