November 14th, 2014

qwop into mordor

Don't forget me, no don't forget me / Make it easy only just for a little while

It once was the case that I could sit on posts for a while Livejournal until I got around to writing them up for LJ.

Those days are past.

I already don’t remember anything of Livejournal my Labour Day Weekend bike ride to Saskatchewan (which is to say: the most recent entry in this blog) save for those images and stories that actually occur in said blog entry (and other emails, etc. that I’ve written). Whatever other posts I had planned over the summer (about running (?) and holidays (?) and Ramadhan (?)) are no longer possible: their provisional content sublimated into the mists of nothingness.

Which makes it particularly important that I get on this now. Because I had an excellent holiday in PEI last month! And with my memories of it already fuzzing around the edges I want to preserve whatever I can of it before it’s gone.

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I’d totally go back some day.

But not to run the marathon again (fun though it was). I still have 5 provinces and 3 territories to go...