December 8th, 2014


Don't beg for silver paper / When I'm trying to sell you cheese

Arancini (Breaded & Fried Risotto Balls) with Marinara Sauce

I was just commenting to chu_hi that I was being remiss and needed to do a food post again sometime soon. (Sure, ok, there were the Livejournal gingerbread cookies of Catan not too long ago, but I mean a proper food post, with recipes and whatnot.)

And as it happens, AWA’s volunteer thank-you / Christmas party is on Tuesday, so ’twould seem to befit the occasion.

Also as it happens, a little while back Calgary Cinemathèque Calgary Cinemathèque held an after-party at Pulcinella where they served us these amazing arancini (breaded and deep fried risotto balls) Twitter with which I totally fell in love. Noting at the time that the risotto tasted almost exactly like that produced by the recipe I have used and loved for years decades now (seriously, it was, like, the first honest-to-$deity “not Kraft Dinner” type recipe I ever learned), I figured I was already halfway home, and that I should really try to make them myself.

So: what better time than the present?

(Note: the risotto needs to be made ahead of time — preferably 1 or 2 days — to give it time to develop cohesiveness.)
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So anyway...

Om nom nomf:

I am seriously stoked that it came out tasting better than the restaurant version that inspired the thing in the first place! (If, uh, I do say so myself...)

Makes about 18 baseball-sized arancini (ETA: or about 32 golfball-sized arancini).