May 11th, 2015


Bother me tomorrow, today I'll buy no sorrow

So. The last ten days: best 10 days ever??

I dunno. Probably not. But a damned strong contender.

+Friday: Was in Edmonton over (Thursday) night, and came back Friday.
I like Edmonton! I’ve mentioned this before. They have good restaurants there. Had a productive meeting.
+Friday: May 1st marked the ONE YEAR point before I go to Russia.
(Assuming that my visa application doesn’t get rejected, etc. etc. But we’ll cross that bridge if/when we get to it.) As something that I’ve been planning for eighteen years now (almost half my life) it feels a bit strange for it to suddenly become so imminent. But good. Not quite where I’d wanted to be on the Gantt chart at this point, but ehhhh... close enough. Not worried. Classes are still going well, etc. Visa application process ramping up. Talking to profs at the UofC about starting an MGIS in January 2017 (e.g.: shortly after I get back).
+Friday: Speed run: 10k in 46min! Yay.
+Friday & Saturday: worked the casino for the Calgary Fringe Fringe Festival!
Ok, so this may be an odd thing to put as a + but I happen to really like working casinos. Just one more way in which I am strange. But I like counting and reconciling large piles of money. Appeals to the mathy part of my brain. Besides, got the chance to catch up with a bunch of Fringe volunteers and other peeps that I haven’t seen since last summer...
+Saturday: long run: 50k in 4h 58min! Yay!
So I’ve signed up to run the 50k ultra marathon at the Calgary Marathon Calgary Marathon in a couple weeks’ time. Have been practicing by running a 50k “long run” every weekend. Started at 5h29, and by working have now gotten my time down to—for the first time—below 5 hours. Pretty stoked.
+Sunday: biked 240km out to Sentinel Recreation Area Kananaskis Country and back, where I went hiking. Much fun.

+Monday: Great day at work – managed to finally get a report sent off that’s been hanging over my head for (more) months (than I’d care to admit to).
+Monday: All-you-can-eat sushi with friends! How can this possibly go wrong?
(Answer: it can’t.)
+Tuesday: Did my part to help usher in Alberta’s FIRST CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT IN FORTY-FOUR YEARS. Wooooooooo! (More on this in an upcoming post.)
+Wednesday-Friday: Have been more productive than I feel like I’ve been in years. See above re: change in government. It’s such a strange feeling to: not know who the ministers are, not know who the ministers will—or even might—be, not know much of anything about what the new policies will be, or what they will look like, actually feel like some of the things for which we’ve been pushing for decades might actually happen...??!?! Very bizarre. But all my existing lines of correspondence with the ministers (and their predecessors, etc.)? FILED. All the scads of icons on my desktop representing ongoing (often for years) projects? FILED.
+Thursday: Sent out a media release for which we actually got a surprising amount of good responses and media coverage!
Maybe they were just looking for something other than “election” to cover, but whatever. I’ll take it! Made me feel like I was good and useful at my job! :-)
+Thursday: Good day at squash!
Lots of exercise! Felt great!
+Thursday: Got team assignments, etc. Put together for the upcoming K-100 K-100 Kananaskis Relay Race. Apparently I really enjoyed myself last year, so am very much looking forward to doing it again next month.
+Friday: Speed run: 10k in 43min! Yay!!
By far my best time on a 10k. Assuming I could keep this pace up, it would put me on track to a 90-minute half marathon. Which is just: whatwhatwhaaaaat??? Of course, I totally wouldn’t be able to keep that up for a whole 21k. But still! It’s a magic number of some sort... and feels GREAT!
-Saturday: My “Saturday Morning at the Law School” class was pretty underwhelming. A friend had suggested going out and doing stuff that morning and I SO should have ditched class to do that. But seriously: if that’s the only - on this list I WILL TAKE IT.
+Saturday: But in the afternoon there were board games! And BBQ! And party! And it was fun!
Admittedly it was a “going away” party for a friend, so the cause was sad. But ehh... he’s only going as far as Regina. And will likely be back to Calgary on several occasions. And the party was tons and tons of fun! So sure.
+Sunday: Ran 52k this afternoon!
That’s... a new distance record for me. Owing to some slightly incorrect math on my part that led me to adding an extra couple k to my anticipated 50. So. Further than next month’s ultra, but eh: there’s nothing WRONG with a bit of extra practice, neh?
+Sunday: And finally. Somehow, somehow despite all the beef jerky I bought (and subsequently ate) in Longview last Sunday, and the pigging out at Sushi on Monday, and the celebrating at the election on Tuesday (dinner on Tuesday MAY have consisted entirely of several bottles of beer and a couple of pints of ice cream...) and the pigging out at the party on Saturday... SOMEhow I managed to get down to 145 lbs for the first time in several years. Yess!
Ok, so it does not escape me that there are a couple people rolling their eyes pretty hard at this point (seriously, I can feel it from here). And make no mistake: I do understand & appreciate the reasons for that. But it makes ME feel really great. Which is, y’know, what it’s all about, right? So yeah.

-Sunday: Oh. I guess there is a second - on this list: the Flames just got knocked out of the playoffs. Oh well. It was a good, fun run. They got way further than they were ever expected to, and they never really had any realistic chance of beating the Ducks anyway. So—sigh—yeah. Thanks for all the fish the awesome season, boys. Looking forward to next year! #NeverQuit

So... yeah. Best. Fricking. 10 days. Ever.
Or at least pretty damn close.