February 4th, 2016

green power

Складываем в столбик год - Теперь могу другим об этом рассказать

So. Computer stuffs: What do?

I have wide range of options available to me when it comes to technology (as in: what technology to take with me to Russia), and then a bunch of constraints. (Money, of all things, isn’t really one of them – with one caveat that I note below. But generally, whatever ends up being the best option, I’m happy to spend what it takes to buy it.)

Basically, I’m starting from pretty much zero*, and trying to put together a suite of technology that will best suit me.

Because it’s 2016, this will most likely end up being some combination of:
  • a handheld mobile device (phone)
  • a larger mobile device (tablet)
  • a fully-functional device (laptop)
By “some combination of” I mean that these may (in fact will probably) not end up being 3 separate devices, but more likely 2 that between them cover all three bases. (Especially those last two; I’m leaning toward 1 phone and 1 tablet/laptop. But I’m getting ahead of myself.)

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SO. I could go for 3 devices: an oldschool dumb phone**, a mini (7") tablet, and a straight up lightweight laptop. That’s one possibility.

But I’m leaning more towards a phone and a “super tablet.”

By “super tablet” I mean a Surface Pro.
Yeah. Microsoft. I know. Blah blah blah. Whatever.
I’ve played around with them a bit in the store and I’m actually pretty impressed. The main downside seems to be the battery life – or lack thereof (compared to some other tablets). But it’s definitely not the end of the world.

And the phone? Sigh. The aforementioned iPhone 5SE, maybe? If I can get one in the short period between when they come out and when I leave? Another possibility (also mentioned by Leanne) is the OnePlus OnePlus... which seems pretty darn cool. Although I don’t know too much beyond what’s mentioned on their website.

So... ideas?

Internet, give me your thoughts!

* So my cats used my laptop as a trampoline back in, like, last May or so, and cracked the screen. So I’ve been without a home computer ever since. I have my old grindy clanky hardware-from-ca.2002 server, and my long-in-the-tooth iPhone 4, and that’s it. Meaning that in practical terms, I really am starting from zero. Whatever I get, is not just for this trip; it would be nice if it were able to serve me for another couple of years, at least - e.g.: through my subsequent return to school. If I can install ArcGIS on the more-powerful of the devices, that would be such a goddamned bonus, you have no idea.

** I do still have my cheap-ass Wikipedia: Nokia 105 Nokia 105 that I bought in South Africa the Christmas before last for all of $15 after I lost my “primary” flip phone. I’m totally taking that with me – perfect as a backup.