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Meaningless Title Cause I couldn't Think of an Appropriate One

So I don't know what to put here... not much really; this is an update more for the point of updating than because I really have anything to say.

I've been staring out the window at the construction site for the new CS building for the last hour or two... it's so fascinating. I'm reminded of that ad that used to run on TV back in Vancouver a couple years ago... some guys are staring at some construction site through a hole in the safety fence-thing, then all of a sudden they look at their watches and rush out to meet their dates for a party (or something). They arrive, obviously rather late... the girls ask them what the hold up was and they look at each other and shrug. "Construction."

Anyways. I have a term paper for Biology due this afternoon. Haven't started it yet; no idea what to write. It's on a stupid topic. "Camel Behaviour." What the fawk am I supposed to write on "Camel Behaviour"? Why did I pick such a dumb topic, you ask? Because on the very first lecture at the beginning of term, we were given a list of topics, and by the time it got to me all the "good" ones were taken. "Camel Behaviour" was the best of the rest. Not that the so-called "good" topics were much better. So yeah, we've had since mid-January to do these. They're due in 7 hours, and I haven't begun mine yet. And instead of getting some research in, I'm procrastinating on here. Sigh.

My work habits have so gone down the shytter recently. I've been sleeping in big-time. Missing most of my classes this last week or so. I think I've exceeded the official absence limit in every single course I'm taking. Like yesterday, when I woke up at (drumroll please) 7:00 PM. Double sigh.

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