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MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD ANGRY PISSED OFF - MrPutter: doing things the hard way, because it is there.
September 1st, 2002
09:31 pm
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Total Fuckheads.

I went to buy textbooks this afternoon.

And found that they'd changed them. Not one or two. All of them. Almost every single textbook in the entire school has been changed this term. And no, not just new editions, either. That I could handle. But entirely new books; new titles, new authors, new publishers, et cetera, et cetera.

Meaning I had to buy an entire new set. Brand new books for every one of my courses. Meaning I couldn't buy second-hand. Meaning I couldn't sell off any of my old books. Meaning that the book I already had for my Calculus course I had to buy again. Meaning that the Statistics book I bought last term from a guy who was leaving (trying to take advantage of what I thought was a serendipitous occasion and get my book early) is no good whatsoever.

So I had to shell out a whopping 990 Dirhams (about $CA 400, which in these parts is a whole fuck lotta money) for brand new books.

Fuckheads. All of them.

I managed to sell a wimpy tiny lab manual for Dhs.20 ($CA 8). Big whoop. As for the remaining eight (not the computer books; they're still useful as reference books, but all the rest), I stuck them into a cardboard box and left it on a table in the Student Center with a sign on top: "Obsolete Textbooks -- Free to a Good Home." Maybe someone will get some use out of them. More than likely the cleaning staff will just dump them the garbage tonight.




So. In other news. After bending over in the bookstore to take it up the rear from them, I went out for a bit of wandering around in the desert off campus... basically to walk off my anger.

And yay! I found a new Co-op supermarket! Out in the middle of nowhere.

Now, AUS is in University City, a collection of a half-dozen or so colleges & universities, in Moweileh. Moweileh is a little bumfuck town about 20km outside of Sharjah. It consists of University City, the Airport, a military base, a gas station, a half dozen mosques, a hundred houses and five zillion square miles of empty desert. There is NOTHING to do here (the universities are all fenced off and you can only get into them if you have business there).

Except, apparently, it now has a strip mall with a Co-op in it. And a half decently sized one, at that. Basically this roundabout in the middle of the desert with a supermarket beside it. Duh. Whatever.

Now this is cool, because to get groceries I used to either have to get them at the convenience store (which has a shitty selection and worse hours), or take the thrice-weekly bus the 20km into Sharjah, which was a hassle and a half. But now there's this place only about a 30min walk away. Wo0t! Groceries whenever I want them!

Er, yeah. But I'm still pissed off as all hell at the AUS administration.

This cat knows how I feel.

Angry Cat

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Date:September 1st, 2002 03:36 pm (UTC)
since i don't know, i'm just wondering why you go to AUS?

*steals all the kitty pictures*
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Date:September 2nd, 2002 09:12 am (UTC)
Yeah, I get asked this a lot.

There's no one overriding issue; rather a bunch of smaller ones. Basically, despite my whining, I like it here (the UAE). I LOVE the weather (don't particularly like cold and HATE rain, so Vancouver is really a poor place for me to live).

To a certain extent I like the culture. As with any culture, there are things about it that make one cringe, but on the balance, I like it. I used to live here with my parents, and after returning to Vancouver, I found that I was getting seriously homesick after a while. To a large extent, I identify more with the UAE than with Canada. At any rate, it's just as much "home" to me.

Also my parents live here. Which is a concern. I was living on my own in Vancouver the last couple years and it really sucked only seeing my parents for really a week or so out of the year. So living here allows me to be closer to them. Which is nice.

Then there are financial reasons. Being a third world country, everything is cheaper here, so your dollar goes a damn sight further. Granted, school itself is more expensive, but that's offset by the cost of, well, pretty much everything else.

So that's why I wanted to be in the UAE. And since the only residence visa I'm really able to get is an educational one, being in the UAE pretty much means going to school here. Besides, I was long past due for going back to school anyway. Now, once I have my degree, then I can probably get a job here, which comes with an employment visa. I'm seriously considering doing that, although I've also had a hankering to live in Thailand as well. So I may end up going there. Or hell, maybe back to Canada, though probably not Vancouver -- maybe Calgary or someplace less wet.

Er, but I digress.

Really as far as education goes here, the only universities worth spitting on (most of the schools are exactly what you'd expect from a third-world country) are AUS (American University of Sharjah, where I am), AUD (American University of Dubai) and U of Wollongong (an Australian University). AUD doesn't have a Comp Sci program, and there are a bunch of other issues with Wollongong, which really only leaves AUS.

So. Enough of an answer for you? :-)
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