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Everybody! Everybody!

Well, happy Decemberween. Err... Christmas. Err... New Year's!

Yeah, New Year's. That's the ticket.


This has to be the most boring New Year's ever for me. As evidenced by the fact that I'm spending it online (yes, it is a minute past midnight as I type this). I was going to meet up with some of the guys in Dubai, but ended up not doing so. There were rumours that LOTR: The Two Towers was going to start showing in the UAE tomorrow, the first, so the plan was to have NY Eve, then go and see TTT tomorrow.

But it turns out that it's not showing until the 8th, and it costs so much for me to go to Dubai and back, that it's not really worth it for just a few hours' get-together, so I decided not to make the trip.

But I really don't know anyone in Abu Dhabi. Just Karan, who's spending the night with his family. And Nausheen, who's not... exactly... available. For stuff like New Year's Eve partying.

And I'm feeling, oh, just a smidge lonely right now. Last year, school was still in session over New Year's, so we all went down into Sharjah partying. That was so fun. Probably one of the best NY I've ever had. But this year, well...


So yeah. Happy New Year's, LiveJournal.

HEY! How'd you sneak into the front of the line?
"HEY! How'd you sneak into the front of the line?"
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