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With one eye filled with blueprints and one eye filled with night...

So, how about that there local sports team?

Yeah, that there local sports team... the Canadian team.

The Canadian Cricket team.

"What?" says you? "Cricket?" says you?

"Yes!" says I! "Cricket!" says I!

That there Canadian Cricket team, which just won their first game in the World Cup. Wo0t! (sigh. how many of you even knew that the World Cup was on, let alone that Canada just kicked some pretty nice Bengali ass?)

Cuz, you see... we didn't just win. We sent 'em packing. 180 for all out from 49.1, versus 120, all out, in twenty-eight fucking overs!!!. Hee hee. Bangladesh has to be hurting pretty bad right now. I mean, granted, they're not exactly top-ranked, but still. To be beaten by Canada, of all teams, by 60 runs is... well...

I've had all kinds of fun teasing my Bengali friends about it. Can't wait to see the Kenya match tomorrow, which is the only other one they have a snowball's chance in Hell of winning. But Sa'ad (my Bengali friend; he of the great Cricket enthusiasm) is cheering for Kenya. Just because.

Er, anyway. On to something that I'm sure will be less foreign to my dear readers (although seriously, you missed a pretty awesome game, regardless of the score).

Well, except Robbat. Who I'm sure is just waiting for South Africa (eep!) to give Canada its comeuppance on the 27th.

So. All this Cricket-watching fun was had during Eid al-Adha. Yes... three-day holiday last week.


So many things I had to do, and none of them (as per usual) got done. We (my family) went up to Ras al Khaimah for a couple of days; stayed at the Al Hamra Beach Resort. Which was nice. Except that I had no internet connection to get research done. And no access to the library. And so I spent the entire time in my room working instead of enjoying the beach or anything.

Which the parents weren't too happy about ("why am I paying all this money for you to stay in the room all day?"), but it's not like I had much of a choice. Honestly I would have preferred staying on campus and getting everything done to trying to make do at the hotel, then having to use the slow-ass dialup connection for the next couple of days back in Abu Dhabi.

But then again, I hadn't seen the family for over a month, and probably won't be seeing them again until the end of term or thereabouts, so whatever. Especially when you consider that I missed my Mom's birthday and will miss my Dad's... so surrogate celebrations were held last night.

But I didn't get my MCM research done... which I totally needed to do (and which I'm forgoing right now in favour of LJing... eep). Nor did I finish the Palestinian Cultural Club's database, which they wanted done by tomorrow. Eep squared.

But hey, I managed to catch two great Cricket games! :-P

Although the thing that's really worrying me right now is the project for Film class. My goal was to have a rough (subject to revision, but substantially complete) script done by the end of the holiday. Well, it's the end of the holiday and no script yet. A bunch of rough ideas floating around, none sufficient to make a whole script out of and most not really practical to do. But nothing so-gelled as to actually call a script.


This concerns me a great deal. I KNOW I will have to make progress on this thing early if I want to have any hope of completing it on time, and nothing can really go ahead until I have a script ready. This is the foundation of the whole project. If I can't come up with a decent script, and I mean SOON, then... I may have to drop the course? I don't know. I'll have to do something drastic, anyway.

Well, enough of that.

Valentine's Day today. Wow. Almost passed me by without my noticing. Which is so bizarre. V-Day is usually (as it is to most singles) a day of such brooding and loneliness... yet this year I hardly even noticed it. And currently it's affecting me: not at all. "Rationality rating: A-ok"

Which is especially strange given recent events with Nausheen. I'd have thought I'd be in the depths of despair right now, but... no. I'm suspicious. I must be still in denial, or something.

Maybe it's just cause I'm still ticked off at her.

This has to do with a spat I'm having with the Debate Club right now.

We held elections a week or so ago, and two new members were voted into the Club executive committee. Fair enough. For said club, I have a mailing-list type of program that I wrote and am running off my webserver. To inform members of upcoming events and the like. This list contains roughly 150 addresses.

Now, subsequent to the admission of the two new exco members, I sent out an email giving out passwords to the mailing list, so they could send out notices as needed.

And what do I see, less than 12 hours later, when doing a last-minute email check before leaving for the holiday? Some asshat (one of the new members) has decided the mailing list is a brilliant medium to send out email-petitions en masse against the potential war in Iraq.

Five times in a row.

Now I will accept that he (thought he) had good cause to do so, and good motivation. However, I think it goes without saying that a club email list is for Club business only; that you do not spam club members with five copies of a political message that has zero to do with the Club or the Club's business. I don't think I should have had to explain this beforehand.

So, yeah, I kinda blow up at the guy. I sent an (admittedly strongly-worded, but I wanted to be firm and make myself clear) email to the exco explaining that the mailing list was to be used for Club business only, that I would not tolerate abuse of the list, that people should use their own accounts for this kind of crap, and that if it happened again, I'd shut the list down without warning. In more-or-less those words.

Only to find, on reaching Abu Dhabi the other day, an email from Nausheen (who happens to be the Debate Club president) chewing me out for getting pissed off.

What? The? Hell?

Further correspondance ensued and to make a long story short, she's all mad at me and I'm all mad at her, and probably couldn't give a flying fuck about the symbolism of Valentine's Day right now.

I guess.

Heh. Maybe there's a lesson for the future in this for me. From now on, just before V-Day, I will go out of my way to confront whatever girl I'm in love with and pick a fight with her. Yay! Saves me heartache! (heh heh heh. I can't lose)

Okay, something tells me I'm not exactly cut out for the "romance advisor" position.

And something else tells me that I've been writing this for 45 minutes now, and should probably close up. With a picture of... well, what else?

I am TOO old enough to pway wif da bawl!!
"I am TOO old enough to pway wif da bawl!!"
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