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Shit. Et cetera.


Horribly, horribly busted.

Proverbial you know it all just hit the fan today and killed, brutally murdered my film.

The parents (And those who must be _____, and so on and so forth) of my lead actor just got wind of the script today. (Like, why hadn't he shown it to them before? Or conversely, why did he show it to them at all? But most interestingly, why did he choose now to perform this particular act of filmicide?)

And they freaked.

As to the exact reason why, I'm not entirely sure. It could be any one of a couple of things. Rather central to the script is a girl who intends to commit suicide. She doesn't go through with it (in fact, that's the whole point), but she at one point prepares to. Ostensibly, this made said parents nervous, and they fought back, citing concern about violation of Sharjah decency laws.

On the other hand, I must admit that the film could be construed as critical of religion. Well, not critical of religion, per sé, so much as critical of religious dogma, more specifically a blind adherence thereto. And yeah, I'd be lying if I said the film was entirely devoid of that aspect.

I've tried to hide it under a fair amount of misdirection, but it's still there; a natural result of my own belief system, I suppose. Although the few people I've mentioned it to were surprised, saying they didn't read that from the script at all. So I'm not sure if that was a factor in Mr/Mrs Paranoia's concern. They didn't mention it. But it might have been.

So they don't want me to release the film with their son in four out of its six scenes. Nor do they wish me to release the film, three scenes of which are shot in their apartment.


Seeing as how my masterpiece is due to be shown on May 05, well, suffice it to say that I'm not running out of time, I am out of time. I simply do not have time to find new actors, find a new apartment (this being the largest concern, as scenes shot in the apartment include a bunch of girls, and in this culture, inviting girls over to a stranger's apartment is just not happening. so it has to be a place belonging to someone they already know well), and reshoot from scratch. Especially with finals in 2 weeks, and everyone being totally strapped for time.

So fuck it all.

Fuck the script.

Fuck the movie.

Fuck everything.

I'm going to do the research paper instead (the alternative offered to those who did not want to do a movie).

I have no interest in doing a research paper. I believed in my film.

Oh yeah, and if anyone's interested, the script is here, seeing as how you're not likely to see the finished product anytime soon.

What? You mean I'm NOT a seal?
"What? You mean I'm NOT a seal?"
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