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A Life on Hold

I suppose that the first time you attempt any undertaking -- little matter how much a genius you fancy yourself -- you will have no choice but to endure the inevitable learning curve, and end up producing, to put it bluntly, crap.

The first computer program I ever wrote was crap.

And now, the first movie I have ever edited is crap.

Argh. Frustration.

Grit my teeth and repeat to myself the mantra that it's a learning experience -- as it was desgned to be -- and next time I'll be able to do a better job.

And the time after that, better again. And so on.

Maybe I was overreaching.                           Scratch,       [ << Rewind ]         I knew at the time that I was overreaching... I suppose I didn't want to admit to myself how much.

Take now consideration of all the times I've expressed a belief in the script. This was not the first script I've ever written. My previous experience in that activity has stood me in good enough stead that I do consider it the .best. script I've ever written. Which perhaps was not the best playground in which to try out my hand at filming / directing / editing. Because I massacred it.

Shelve it, Can it. Drop it, Fuck it.
        Wait it out, put it on hold.

Try something else for a while, build up the skilz, then come back and treat it with a bit more respekt.

Take this shot from this angle instead, turn up the lights there, use that colour instead AND FOR GOD'S SAKE GET SOME REAL MICROPHONES!!!.

Oh yeah. And learn how to edit.

Actually, no. After my marathon editing session, I learned enough about how to use the editing software/ and the process in general, that I think I could probably sit down with the same footage again and turn out something much much better. Well, that and a computer with more than 800MB of free disk space (or which I'm not borrowing from someone, so I can safely delete random stuffs to free up more).

Which wouldn't help nearly as much as having proper footage to begin with.

And a life.

It sucked a week out of my life, easily.    Whoooooosh!!!   Gone.

The editing was far more intensive than the filming. From 7:00 AM Thursday morning until 11:00 PM Monday evening I got about a total of 10 hours of sleep, and spent the rest of it in front of that fucking computer.

And the result was a disaster. But now I know that projecting a movie on a big screen will make it much darker than when you see it on a monitor. Obvious perhaps, but not the first time you do it. And when most of your movie takes place at night... ...although there wasn't much I could do about the disorganization of the screening as a whole. My professor needs to be shot.

He just mandated that we all (for all := 35) show our movies yesterday evening, then sat back and did nothing. So you can imagine the chaos. Screening started at 5:00 PM. By 10:00 PM, we still have 10 or 15 movies to go (no one was quite sure and there were conflicting numbers), mine included. The building closes and we get kicked out at 10:30, which acts as huge pressure on the belatedly self-appointed projectionists to get them over with as quickly as possible.

Oh, and add to the mix a very restless crowd who has been there for 5 hours, is shouting and hollering random insults at the screen and anyone stupid enough to turn an ear towards them. Shouts of "THIS MOVIE IS BORING!" and "THIS SUCKS!" or "NEXT MOVIE!" or general booing or...

... I was aghast. Because this wasn't one or two troublemakers, this was the overwhelming majority of the theater. So yeah, there's a fair amount of noise, and the aforementioned pressure to keep things moving.

Finally finally they get to mine, start rolling, and no sound. Oops. Futz with the sound for 5 minutes to get it working, while mrputter, stressed and exhausted probably creates more hinderance and annoyance than he does help. And the audience more than a little restless.

[ Play > ]     The movie finally gets rolling. Except that I forgot to mention that in the middle of the movie there's an (intentional ) 17 3/4 second blackout, with blank screen and no sound. Which to the frazzled projectionists not paying too much attention appears as if the movie could be over.
[ Stop ^ ]     Roll next movie.


[ Rewind << ]     Take 2 minutes to find the place we left off.
[ Play > ]     mrputter's having a nervous breakdown. And we get near the end of the movie and it starts getting darker...
[ Stop ^ ]     Roll next movie.

Ok, ok, ok. All we missed really was the credits. I can live with that. I've caused enough trouble for one night.

Fuck this.

I'm going to bed. Take my life off hold.

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