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So my dad quit his job yesterday... - MrPutter: doing things the hard way, because it is there.
February 10th, 2004
09:13 pm
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So my dad quit his job yesterday...
...well, actually, that's not quite accurate. He quit a couple weeks ago, but that minor detail is entirely beside the point. He gave the ol' heave-ho to TSI (at the Military City), where he absolutely despised working. And took on a job at Zayed University.

Slight problem.

My mom is already the head of his department at ZU, and having her as his boss would be just a slight conflict of interest. So he couldn't work at the Abu Dhabi campus, and instead they put him to work in Dubai. At least they gave him an apartment there. But now my mom lives in Abu Dhabi all alone (well, except for Snarly the cat) in the huge 4-bedroom apartment that a couple months ago also housed my dad and brother. And my dad lives 100 miles away in Dubai.

They get together on weekends.

I wonder how long this arrangement will work for them.

I can't wait until May when I go to visit. I'm counting down not just the weeks, but the days; the hours. I made the mistake of hitting the AUS website the other day, and got sucked into looking at some of the campus pictures. I miss that place so much it hurts.

Next week is reading week, and that's something else I'm looking forward to. Even though I'll probably be spending the entire time working on stupid fucking SENG.

On Friday to kick it off, I'm gonna go out to the bar with the Peters* and we'll all get hammered.

*Have you ever seen Office Space? Where everyone is named Peter because the boss Lumbergh can't bother to remember their name?

There are six of us Peters that hang out.

One of the few benefits of my accursed SENG class this semester is that I've "developed a good working relationship" with a bunch of guys in that class, too (read: we get together regularly to invent good ways of torturing the prof).

Friends kick ass.

My missing the UAE notwithstanding, I'm becoming more settled in Calgary. I'm feeling slightly less a stranger in a strange land, and more like I have a handle on the place. I know people here. I know the best places to go if I need XYZ. I know a number of good places to just have fun.

(I waffled a bit over whether I should include this next bit because of how it affects some of my readership, but anyway.)

I'm letting go of Vancouver entirely. Not just mentally, but it's largely emotionally gone as well.

Sure I still have a few relatives there, that I may want to visit on occasion, but for the most part, there's nothing there that holds any attraction. Sure I miss the tabfolken and so on, but that's fine. When in the UAE, I loved it there, and to a certain extent considered it "home" (and indeed still do). But Vancouver was always a place to where I knew I would (be able to) return; a place all the more important because no matter how much I may have wished it, it was unrealistic to expect I'd be able to stay in the UAE forever.

Which is no longer the case, and Vancouver is thus no more a place to which I will eventually have to return. I've already made commitments to being there this Summer, and so I will be. But it may be my last time.

A lot of people there are dissolving quickly in my mind from "friend" to "memory." A part of my past that while I'm glad to have known, I'm not altogether distraught at having to let go of. People that will now exist largely as Christmas Card recipients.

I just realized it yesterday afternoon.
Even though we haven't talked on ICQ in over a month, well that's fine.
And even if I may never see you again beyond the Summer, well that's fine.

And if I never go again to the fireworks on English Bay...
...well, that's fine.

I think the reason that Dan Bern resonates so much in my memory is because he reminds me so much of Bob Dylan, to whom I listened incessantly during that screwed-up summer of 1997, when things were so... weird.

Current Mood: scattered
Current Music: Bob Dylan -- Oh, Sister

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Date:February 10th, 2004 10:08 pm (UTC)
well, I'll miss you, mr. itchy feet.
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Date:February 10th, 2004 10:33 pm (UTC)
it was fun meeting you, anyhow!
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