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the blahness - MrPutter: doing things the hard way, because it is there.
March 17th, 2004
07:39 am
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the blahness
Let's see. A post primarily to get that last angry, expletive-laden expectoration off the top of my post list, I think.

However, having said that, it's high time I wrote something anyway. It's been over a month since my last substantial submission to this ill-advised journal.

Not that I feel guilty. Of course not.

It should not be inferred, however, that I necessarily have much of a composition to make. Leastwise, not one that would be of interest to anyone. As previously indicated, the concerns of a student tend to be inordinately comprised of a preoccupation with school, classes, assignments and exams.

This is certainly the case with me these days, and no less so because this has turned out to be the semester from hell!!! Exclamation mark! My latest SENG assignment was handed in, uh, yesterday. The 10th assignment of 20 for the semester. 174 pages.

Compounded by the fact that I've been a sick little boy since Friday or so. Sunday and much of Monday were primarily taken up with interesting hallucinations. I'm somewhat better now, thank you, but still have this nagging cough that just won't. go. away. Sigh.

One thing I've definitely noticed is that my dreams are more... memorable... during periods of convalescence. Hell... more memorable? I can remember them at all, which is more than I can generally say at any other time. Tuesday morning's dream was especially vivid.

    Considered a cow. A dairy cow... Holstein perhaps, with characteristic and prototypical black and white markings. Considered also a highway, with embankments rising up from both sides, as if the roadway was set into the ground a good 15 to 20 feet. Not quite vertical, but sloped, perhaps 30 to 40 degrees off vertical. Considered myself advancing along highway. And considered finally the cow being thrown (or pushed rather) over the side of one embankment, by culprits unseen. The cow tumbled, fell, rolled, down the side of the embankment, colliding violently at every rotation. It finally smacked into the pavement and stayed, beaten, pulverized and limbs mangled. Bleeding all over the highway from numerous lacerations.

I begin to think now that this may be related to my having seen the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre a week earlier. In any case, it struck me at the time as being a perfect abstractly symbolic image that would fit well as such into a film, in much the same manner as the infamous (and rather more shocking) eyeball-being-sliced-with-a-razor in Un Chien Andalou.

Unfortunately, aside from my aforementioned remaining cough, I am sufficiently recovered as to have no excuse but to go into school today and point my nose back towards the grindstone. I have 4 assignments in 4 courses all due on Friday. 3 of them have yet to be begun. And I'm wasting my time on ElJay.

I'm also counting down the days. 4 and a half weeks left. Then exams. Then it's over! And I'm on plane to Dubai, Dubai, Dubai! I will be there from May 01 until May 15. Which is nowhere near enough time, but I suppose I'll take what I can get.

And now I just have to turn my eyes towards finding something to do (read: employment) for the rest of the summer. And looking at my passport yesterday, I discovered that it expires in July, which means of course another 100 bucks-plus down the drain. Eugh.

Mmmmmm... paper...
"Mmmmmm... paper..."

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Current Music: Steve Earle -- Jerusalem

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