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The SENG Counter Has Been Unplugged! - MrPutter: doing things the hard way, because it is there.
April 19th, 2004
12:23 pm
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The SENG Counter Has Been Unplugged!
Yes, dear audience, you have read that correctly. The SENG counter has performed impeccably in its relentless march downwards, and upon reaching that great big Zero, was relinquished from all further duties. My stupid fucking SENG class has -- save the final exam, which is of no great consequence -- run its course and come to completion. And there's very little right now that could make me happier.

As often seems to be the case, the great bender-to-end-all-benders we had planned for Saturday turned out to be a bust. Torin and Lakin are both graduating this semester (having postponed this crapper of a course for as long as they could) and thus had grad projects they still had to work on and couldn't really afford the downtime. 'Twasn't a huge deal anyway; we had already gone out to the bar on Wednesday evening, after having dispensed with the product demonstration to our customers. And while perhaps not entailing a bender of mammoth proportions, 'twas still fun.

And it's not like Saturday ended up being a complete bust, either. Rather than do anything with the SENG guys, I hung out with James instead; my insane schedule had prevented that from happening much during the semester, so it was good to see him. We went to see Kill Bill v.2 where much enjoyment was had. I liked it better than the first one (a point that most who have seen both seem to agree upon). While on one level I could appreciate it, the cheesiness of v1 didn't really appeal to me. Not that v2 wasn't cheesy either, but it was a more refined cheese. A fine Emmental, rather than slathered-on Cheez-Whiz®. And yous gotta love Pai-Mei. I did, at any rate.

And after KillBill... all-you-can-eat sushi! Yum! And verily did we eat all that we could. If not more. We got our money's worth from that place; oh yes.

Followed by James kinda, sorta... falling asleep. So I went out to the pub by myself and finished off the evening with a half-dozen pints of Guinness while watching the Canuckleheads trash, then choke on, then eke out an undeserved win over, the Flames (Triple-Overtime!! (!!!)... !). The pub was... packed. And not a little rowdy. And even out in the boonies, I had to pass up the first couple pubs because they required reservations. Reservations! At a nighborhood pub out in the darkest 'burbs!

A hockey town this place certainly is.

And then I lazed around all day yesterday, making the occasional half-hearted attempt to find work for the summer and nursing a steadily-worsening sore throat. Actually, that's not entirely true. It was a nice day, so for a couple hours in the afternoon, I went out on my bike and took a nice leisurely ride through Montgomery and Bowness, tooling around a bunch by the river in Bowness Park. That was nice. Although not entirely soothing to my throat, it must be admitted.

And then I woke up sick today. Ah well.

It's probably the best time for it, though. My first exam isn't until Saturday; and I have nothing of substance to do until then. They should all be pretty easy finals, too, so studying won't be much of an issue (not that I've ever been one to stress myself out over studying anyway). So, hey. Might's well get sick now. Get it over with before I head to the UAE. And it's not going to interfere with assignments any.

Now that SENG is done. And Compilers.

Turned in the last Compiler assignment on Friday as well. That was a bit of a knock-out. It was worth 27% of my final grade in that course (1 assignment! 27%!). And I like the prof a lot, but he's hardly what I would consider an easy grader. He uses automatic testing to evaluate all our assignments; throwing them a suite of a couple dozen tests. The number that you pass determines the majority of your grade for that assignment.

<Extreme Geekspeak>
Anyhow. This one was to produce a compiler that compiled J-- (essentially Java without objects) into MIPS executable. Written in C, and to be run on the SPARC machines (running Solaris). Here's where things got interesting. One of the tests (#t18) was in itself a compiler. A C-to-MIPS compiler. So. The test source would run through our compiler, and get turned into a C-to-MIPS compiler, which would run on the target platform (a MIPS emulator). This program would then take our original compiler source and pass it through itself, resulting in a J-- -to-MIPS compiler running in MIPS. Which would then take yet another source file and compile it to MIPS. Head spinning yet? This second target was actually a recursive-descent calculator (itself a type of compiler) which then had to run perfectly (calculating a bunch of formulas) to pass the test.
</Extreme Geekspeak>

But I got mine to work on that test! Yay!

Which is good. I like compilers. Compiler courses (of which this was the first) will make up a very large portion of my Theory of Computability concentration. And CPSC510 (Compilers II -- a 2-semester course) which I'll be taking in the fall, is supposed to be killer. They say that if you love compilers, you'll hate the course, and if you hate compilers, you should never ever take the course. The dropout rate is something like 70%, and a significant number of the remainder fail. Oboy.

I s'pose I'm just masochistic. Or something. And I'll have all summer to look forward to that.
(Speaking of which... 11 days!! OMG!!)

The semester endeth. And now I sleep.
"The semester endeth. And now I sleep."

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Date:April 19th, 2004 04:35 pm (UTC)
whooo Pai Mei!!! :D
if you've ever watched any of those chinese history-setting dramas, you know that how the guy acts is totally typical of that style. haha, it was great. ^__^
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Date:April 19th, 2004 06:29 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah; I got that.
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