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That's just all kinds of fucked up - MrPutter: doing things the hard way, because it is there.
December 11th, 2005
04:39 am
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That's just all kinds of fucked up
Earlier this evening (about 6:00PM or so), my room-mate went out to a pre-Christmas party at one of his friends' place, over on the other side of town.

It's now almost exactly 4:30AM, and he just returned home a few minutes ago. Specifically, he rang the front doorbell. When I went to open it, there he was, confused, rather drunk, and naked. Standing in the snow out on the front lawn. No clothes anywhere in sight. Furthermore, no vehicle anywhere in sight either. He claims not to know where his vehicle (which he took to the party) or clothes are.

My window faces the front lawn, and I was still up studying, so I can say for certain that no vehicle passed by or stopped outside recently.

He made some confused noises about having "found himself" in some strangers' house, which {a|be}muses me terribly. I'm not clear exactly which strange house he was in, or for how long. I don't think he's very clear on that, either. I rather hope he didn't scare anyone or cause damage.

Apparently that musta' been some party. I was invited, but I begged off in order to study for my first final Monday morning. I'm either very glad I missed it, or very disappointed. I honestly don't know which.

Room-mate is in the shower now, making all kinds of thumping and banging noises. I can't wait until tomorrow, to see how this all pans out...

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Date:December 12th, 2005 08:45 am (UTC)
Ooo, post updates!! Reality is so much stranger than fiction...
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