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This must be why no-one ever gives me anything for Christmas... - MrPutter: doing things the hard way, because it is there.
December 26th, 2005
09:16 am
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This must be why no-one ever gives me anything for Christmas...
Honest to God, I am the WORST person to buy gifts for.

Not that I usually get very many; most of what gifts I do get usually have the date on the top, a signature on the bottom, and printed on paper distributed by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. And I s'pose there's a pretty good reason for that.

Now for my graduation this year, my parents decided to get me a nice "real" gift. So they got me a camera. A real nice digital camera with 15x optical zoom, still images at 8 MPixels, and full video at 1.2 Mpixels, 4Gb of storage, weighing like 6 ounces, the whole works. Top of the line. I don't know the cost, but easily into the thousands. Of dollars. If I wanted a camera, I doubt very much that there would be many nicer cameras out there.

Except that I have no interest whatsoever in a camera. Here is this very nice and very expensive gift that I will very likely never take out of the box.

So what is one to do in that situation? Had it been a cheap(er) or crappi(er) even mid-range sorta gift, I could have easily put on happy smiling pretend face and made appreciative-sounding noises and everyone would have been happy. But I didn't quite feel right effectively throwing away thousands of dollars in that manner.

So I bit the bullet, awkwardly told my parents that it was very nice but that I had no use for it, and back we trudged to the shop, to see if we could exchange it for anything else.


Camera? Nope, that's what we're returning. Portable DVD player? Naaah. Cell phone? No interest. Laptop? Already got one. PSP? Would never use it. iPod? Don't do MP3s. We spent an hour in that place, and a grand total of ONE thing caught my interest:

A pair of headphones. Worth maybe $25.

Guess I'm just not a gadget person. Other than the headphones, not ONE THING in the store held any interest for me at all. Arrgh. Unfortunately, the store policy was exchange only, no returns. So, uh, well. My dad now has a very nice and very expensive camera.

And I have... a $25 pair of headphones. Which, really, suits me just fine.


Why couldn't they have just gotten me clothes instead?

* * * * *

And in other news...

Dr. Incomprehensible gave me an A+!!!!. And I got an A in statistics. The 3rd mark has still to be released, but that's the class where I was doing best, so even if I royally screwed up on the final and got basically zero, the worst I can possibly do this semester is 3.53. Which makes me very muchly relieved. I really like this whole "3 courses" concept.

That's a much better Christmas present than the camera (or the headphones, for that matter).

* * * * *

And in other news...

I just realized a little while ago that it has been an ungodly amount of time since I was last sick. I don't think I've had so much as a little snivelling cold all year.

In the spirit of the true pessimist who believes that a good situation now karmically bodes for ill situations later, this concerns me greatly. I have this dreaded feeling that I am going to be so sick this coming January. I'm probably going to die.

* * * * *

And in other news...

Topically stolen from the User Friendly link of the day, today's kitties teach us how to put up a Christmas tree.

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Date:December 26th, 2005 07:19 am (UTC)
Sorry, I clean forgot to wish you yesterday, but I hope you had a great Christmas.
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