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New Years' through the years - MrPutter: doing things the hard way, because it is there.
December 31st, 2005
06:30 pm
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New Years' through the years
YearCommentOverall Impression
< 1995 Don't remember ???
1995 - 1996 We were in Orlando, Florida. Disneyworld!! GOOD
1996 - 1997 Depressed and suicidal. Dreading everything. Not talking to anyone. BAD
1997 - 1998 Went to Barbados. 10 days in Barbados, and I was pissed every single one of them. Woke up with a hangover every day, fixed that problem with the help of Dr. Daquiri. Probably spent the evening drunk at some beach bar chatting up skanky chicks with David. GOOD
1998 - 1999 Oh God. The night I had way way WAY too much acid. To this very day, hearing someone shout "Happy New Year!" with the right intonation gives me the shivers and shakes that take minutes to quell. 'Nuff said. BAD
1999 - 2000 When I first got my new job (only wish I'd known it wasn't to last) and laid down too much money for a (all things considered) crappy party at the neighbourhood bar. I actually had a lot of fun, though. Don't think ministerphobia did, unfortunately. Wish I'd been less self-absorbed at the time and had maybe noticed the fact. GOOD
2000 - 2001 Completely non-memorable. I was pretty broke at the time (when am I not?), so don't think I did much of anything. I vaguely recall just doing nothing in the park behind ministerphobia's place. Probably with a 6-pack of Mike's. Not a horrible NYE, perhaps, but certainly nothing to write home about. BAD
2001 - 2002 Wandering around the Sharjah corniche with the guys from AUS. Really good Pakistani food from some no-name hole in the wall just off of Rolla Square. Lit candles on the beach. Quiet but very memorable and very good times. GOOD
2002 - 2003 Feeling {sorry for|mad at} myself for having been such a prick to Nausheen. Sat by myself on the (now torn down) volcano fountain on the Abu Dhabi corniche listening to sad songs on my walkman. Came home, had a pint of Guinness and went to bed. BAD
2003 - 2004 Sleepover @ hsifyppah's! Yaay! Friends R gud! GOOD
2004 - 2005 Went to Al Ain (as I recall), but still very jet-lagged and fell asleep at like, 8PM. Slept through the whole thing. BAD

Am I the only one who senses a pattern here?

This year SHOULD be a good one... so why is it 6:51 PM, and I still don't have any plans? Have tried calling and calling Ferdous and the Choueifat gang (who are SUPPOSEDLY in Abu Dhabi), but no answer. Probably have the wrong number. Fuckers.

Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Harry Chapin -- She Sings Songs Without Words
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