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So. - MrPutter: doing things the hard way, because it is there.
May 11th, 2006
02:05 pm
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Drs. Incomprehensible and Drill Sergeant both gave me As in their respective courses. Not, I gather, that that's particularly unusual, or unexpected in grad school. Indeed, my understanding is that to not receive an A at this point would be somewhat worrying.

GRADES FOR WINTER 2006:                                                    
  CPSC  601.16   A        4.00       2.00                                  
  CPSC  617      A        4.00       2.00

But at least it's peace of mind.
I still hate matroids.

Threw a surprise birthday party for Room-mate on Sunday. Or tried to, at any rate. Friend of room-mate promptly let the cat out of the bag next time he saw Room-mate, by asking him: what the plans for Sunday were. What the...?
Then Friend #2 of Room-mate shows up at our place (we were supposed to meet at the restaurant) an hour before dinner, ready to head out. Le sigh.

ministerphobia is coming for the May long weekend! Yay! Now to try and come up with stuff to do. I'd ask the Calgarians on my flist, except... uhhh.... my friends in Calgary are all losers, and not a single one is an LJ-er. So my flist ends up being rather bereft thereof. O well.

More mundane memes:

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