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MrPutter: doing things the hard way, because it is there.

(The Statistical Outlier strikes back.)

Sean Nichols
17 May 1978
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I like kittens.
abstract algebra, abstractions, airlines, airplanes, airports, al-ain, alberta, arabic, architecture, assembler, assembly, backpacking, beaches, beef rendang, bike riding, bike trips, biking, biryani, björk, boreale rousse, buddhist vegetarian restaurants, c++, calgary, cartography, categories, category theory, cats, cheese, civil engineering, civilization, coding, compilers, cornershop, cricket, cube, daggerfall, databases, deserts, deus ex, drama, dubai, eero saarinen, everything2, fallacy flow, felines, fields, flags, fractals, franz kafka, functional programming, game theory, groups, guinness, hacking, half-life, harold pinter, haskell, heat, hiking, html, india, indian food, indie rock, java, jefferson airplane, john darnielle, kittens, kurt gödel, lambda calculus, languages, led zeppelin, leonard cohen, linearly distributive categories, linguistics, linux, lisp, logic, long distance biking, maps, math, mathematics, mexican food, milk, mysql, neil halstead, neural networks, next, number theory, office space, one act plays, oracle, os/2, perl, perpetual dream theory, phonology, php, pink floyd, plays, poutine, programming, programming language design, progressive rock, prolog, pure math, python, radiohead, recursion, rem, remote places, rings, road bikes, road biking, road trips, rye catchers, sam beckett, satay, set theory, shawarmas, short stories, siavash ghomeishi, sleuth, softball, solitude, spicy food, sql, star trek, star-autonomous categories, steve earle, surrealism, sushi, tabnet, thai food, the beatles, the fiery furnaces, the grouse grind, the mountain goats, the new pornographers, the simpsons, the sun, tom stoppard, tragically hip, travel, tropical islands, uae, umpiring, university of calgary, urban planning, vexillology, walking, xkcd